Don’t Worry, Obama – Haters Gonna Hate

Obama, why don’t you just “shake it off?”

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19 Very Surprising Facts About The Messed Up State Of The U.S. Economy

Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you. The “economic recovery” that we all keep hearing about is mostly just a mirage.

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‘Surveillance’: UK drones deployed to Syria against ISIS

“The deployment will see the Royal Air Force aircraft gathering intelligence as the UK ramps up efforts to protect our national interests from the terrorist threat emanating the country,” the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Reapers are not authorized to use weapons in Syria and, alongside Rivet Joint, will provide vital situational awareness making it an invaluable asset to the coalition allies who are combating ISIL.”

An MoD spokeswoman told RT the UK government is not considering holding another parliamentary vote on launching airstrikes against the IS, this time in Syria.

“We are doing this to protect our national security,” she said.

The drones, although armed with Hellfire missiles, will not be allowed to use weapons or engage militarily in Syria, she added. She further declined to comment on details of the surveillance mission and what intelligence the drones are expected to gather.

READ MORE: Armed UK drones deployed in Iraq, support fight against ISIS

Last week, the government announced it had redeployed armed Reaper drones from Afghanistan for operations in Iraq, where the RAF is already conducting air strikes as part of a US-led military coalition against the IS.

The deployment of unmanned drones into Syrian airspace is seen as a significant extension of the British mission.

The RAF has flown 37 combat missions and conducted 10 “successful strikes” over Iraq since Parliament authorized action, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told MPs.

Last month, the British parliament approved military engagement against IS targets in northern Iraq, but ruled out extending action to Syria. Prime Minister David Cameron insisted MPs would have to hold another vote on whether Britain should conduct strikes against the IS in Syria.

Some MPs have questioned the legality of military action in Syria under international law, because Syrian President Bashar Assad has not requested international help, as the Iraqi government did.

The Independent reports that Reaper drones will be moved from operations in Afghanistan to a base in Kuwait, from where they will conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions over both Iraq and Syria.

According to the newspaper, the government said no permission is needed to carry out reconnaissance flights or even military action, if it is a matter of national security.

However, in September the British government ruled out a rescue operation to free Alan Henning, claiming they did not know where he was held. The taxi driver from Greater Manchester held hostage by the IS was beheaded earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has welcomed the EU agreement on further Syria sanctions on several individuals and companies supplying the Assad regime with oil. They particularly targeted a Syrian military commander who allegedly ordered Sarin attacks in 2013, killing hundreds of civilians.

“By doing this, the EU has sent a clear message to the Syrian regime and those who keep Assad in power: your actions will not go unchallenged.”

The European Union decided to freeze the assets of several individuals and impose travel bans on Monday. This means that 211 individuals are subject to EU sanctions against the Assad regime.

A ban on jet fuel exports to Syria has also been agreed upon. Foreign ministers said the fuel is being “used by the Assad regime’s air force, which undertakes indiscriminate air attacks against civilians.”

“The cause of instability and conflict in Syria is Assad, and sanctions are a key part of our strategy for weakening the regime and limiting its ability to perpetrate more barbaric acts against the Syrian people,” Hammond said.

High-profile military figures have called for boots on the ground in the region, arguing that airstrikes alone won’t be enough to defeat the IS. However, Cameron has so far ruled out sending British soldiers to Iraq and Syria.

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Daily Report: Chasing Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

For the last 25 years, garage tinkerers, physics professors and top engineers at Google have been trying to make one.

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For Microsoft, Cloud Business Looks More Promising Than Mobile

Despite being a laggard in cloud computing, Microsoft has established real credibility, and now runs twice as many data centers as Amazon and six times as many as Google.

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US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn

Failure to identify these interests blindly chasing hegemony at the cost of global peace and prosperity leads not only America over a cliff into a ravine of madness, but the entire world as well.

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California on the Brink: 14 Rural Communities are Now Facing Total Water Depletion

For now they’ve been able to keep the situation under control by allocating water from neighboring communities, but how much longer can they continue to do so?

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