12 missing as cargo ship disappears in storm off Istanbul’s Black Sea

black missing sea ship 682.n 12 missing as cargo ship disappears in storm off Istanbuls Black Sea

12 missing as cargo ship sinks in Black Sea off Turkey’s coast

Two sailors on a cargo ship were reportedly rescued after their vessel sunk off Turkey’s Black Sea coast. An earlier report said that 12 crew members were missing, 11 Russians and one Ukrainian.

Initial reports claimed that three survivors had been found. However, the latest reports by local media said that one man died soon after being rescued.

The rescue operation is ongoing at the scene, as another eight people are still missing. Rescuers are searching for the missing crew, but their work is being hindered by harsh weather conditions.­

Cargo ship ‘Volgo-Balt 199’ was carrying 33 tons of coal from Russia to Antalya. Radio contact with the crew was lost at around 10:00am local time, and the ship did not send out an SOS signal. At the same time, some reports say the crew did send a signal.

Another cargo ship, reportedly Russian, with 14 crewmembers on board, had a mechanical failure and was also in danger of sinking in the same area.

The crew as reported lost control of the ship’s rudder, and the vessel was driven into the shoreline, local station NTV said. Turkish TV showed footage of a second ship also in difficulty amid stormy conditions.

Istanbul and nearby areas have been battered by strong winds and storms since Monday evening. Sporadic gusts reached wind speeds of 80 kilometers per hour, tearing off roofs and bringing down trees. Ferry service across the Bosporus Strait was suspended Tuesday due to the severe weather.


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12 missing as cargo ship disappears in storm off Istanbul’s Black Sea

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