5 Reasons to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

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Immigration reform returned
to center stage in Washington last week with a proposal from a
bipartisan group of senators that was promptly
endorsed in principle by President Barack Obama. One of the
lynchpins of the proposal is providing a “path to citizenship” for
those who are currently in the country illegally, a concept that
opponents were quick to label “amnesty.” Obama of course denies any
talk of amnesty, saying instead that he wants illegal immigrants to
pay penalties, pay taxes, learn English, and then go “to the back
of the line.”But what’s wrong with granting amnesty to hard-working,
tax-paying individuals whose only crime is their immigration
status? Indeed, amnesty is not only the best solution to our
immigration problem, it is the only feasible solution.
Here are five reasons to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants
now.Note: All images are from the Georgetown
Bookshop and are available as posters. Click through on images
for more details and more images.1. Immigration Is Good for the EconomyFor all the rhetoric about immigrants stealing jobs,
immigration actually provides a benefit to the national economy,
whether those immigrants crossed the border legally or not. Why?
Because of what economists call the specialization of labor. As
Jonathan Hoenig, proprietor of the Capitalist Pig blog,
explains: “The fact that foreigners are eager to pick crops,
clean houses, bus tables and produce allows more of us to
afford cheaper food and better services, affording us even more
wealth to enjoy and invest. It’s not the immigrants, but the
taxes, spending and entitlements (most of which immigrants don’t
even receive) that have drained the economy dry.”Next: But aren’t they dodging the taxman?

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5 Reasons to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

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