A crowdfunding role model dies

b85cmf A crowdfunding role model dies

“The lesson here isn’t, ‘Social media to the rescue.'” That’s what Arijit Guha told me last summer, when I spoke to the about his public battle with Aetna insurance and his efforts to crowd fund his way through his colon cancer treatment. And when Guha died in his home in Arizona on Saturday at age 32, he had not, in the end, been rescued by social media. But social media was changed for the better by him, in ways that will long continue to embolden and unite other patients dealing with the random viciousness of disease, and the capriciousness of our healthcare system.In what has become an increasingly necessary strategy, the Arizona State graduate student quickly went into entrepreneur mode when he learned he had Stage 4 cancer. Guha created the cheeky, self-aware Poop Strong site to collection donations and sell merchandise to cover his medical bills and then, later, to support local wellness initiatives. When Aetna informed him he’d reached his insurance cap, he called out the company in an articulate, impassioned Twitter conversation that ultimately brought its CEO Mark T. Bertolini into the fray – and got him results. Continue Reading…

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A crowdfunding role model dies

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