Afghanistan’s first female rapper perseveres past death threats

Sosan Firooz, a 23-year-old Afghani woman, raps about female oppression, her experience as a refugee in Iran and against child abuse. She’s making history in the conservative country by performing in front of men, which comes at a high price–her safety.”I am her secretary, answering her phones. I am her bodyguard, protecting her. When she’s out, I must be with her,” her father told the AP in October. Now, CBS reports that the rapper, who has been gaining attention for her release of “Our Neighbors” earlier this fall, has started receiving menacing text messages and death threats against family members. “They told [Firooz's mother] ‘If your daughter appears on TV again, we will cut off your head,'” said Firooz.Firooz’s uncle has cut off relations with her, but her parents continue to support the singer.Music producer Fared Rastagar, who recorded Firooz’s song, told CBS, “Some female singers have stopped singing because of threats from the Taliban. Some have left the country.” Firooz, however, plans to stay. “Yes of course it’s difficult,” Firooz said. “But it’s easier than being a refugee.”Continue Reading…

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Afghanistan’s first female rapper perseveres past death threats

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