Akin arrested 3 times

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin was arrested at least three times in the 1980s while protesting abortion clinics according to a forthcoming St. Louis Post-Dispatch story that the Akin campaign leaked this afternoon.Akin has already acknowledged being arrested once, but according to the draft report the campaign leaked, the congressman was arrested on three previous occasions, all in 1985 for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest at abortion clinics in St. Louis and Illinois. In one instance, Akin “had to be carried by police to an elevator because he refused to walk.” The paper found the arrests by searching through its archives (it had previously missed them because Akin changed his first name).The Akin campaign leaked the story when spokesperson Rick Tyler (of Newt Gingrich fame) posted on the campaign website an email exchange with Post-Dispatch reporter Kevin McDermott, who included a draft of the story in an email seeking comment.Continue Reading…


Akin arrested 3 times

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