Allen West: ‘Malarky’ that conservatives need to moderate

Allen West may have lost his seat in Congress, but he’s stil a star here at CPAC, where attendees rose and waved Tea Party Gadsden flags as the former solider took the stage to give a rousing speech filled with conservative red meat. “Last November, we did take one on the jaw,” West said of the 2012 election. “There is no shortage of people telling us…how we must change our values to fit the times. But ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, that truly is a bunch of malarky. Last time I checked, a bended knee is not a conservative tradition.”West went on tell an odd anecdote about Winston Churchill. A woman once told the famed British prime minister that she did not like his mustache nor his politics, West said, to which Churchill responded: “You are not likely to come into contact with either.”Continue Reading…

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Allen West: ‘Malarky’ that conservatives need to moderate

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