Amanda Knox saga reopens

0751mf Amanda Knox saga reopens

British tabloid press, rejoice! — The Amanda Knox saga has returned. Italy’s highest appeal court has overturned the acquittals of now-25-year-old Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, 29, ordering a retrial in the case of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher and paving the way for a potential extradition  battle between Italy and the U.S.The appellate court’s new ruling came after prosecutors argued that the court, which acquitted Knox and her former lover in 2011, had not conducted proceedings properly. According to the AP, “Italian law cannot compel Knox to return for the new trial, and her lawyer said she had no plans to do so. The appellate court hearing the new case could declare her in contempt of court but that carries no additional penalties.”Knox’s original trial fueled a media frenzy, especially in Italy and Britain, with salacious accusations of student group sex gone murderously awry. The rumors, although headline gold, infected public perception and — commentators noted — the court proceedings. The foreign exchange student, who was studying in Italy and shared a Perugia apartment with Kercher, earned the epithet “Foxy Knoxy” from the ravenous paparazzi.Continue Reading…


Amanda Knox saga reopens

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