Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Netanyahu’s Coalition Loss May Usher In An "Israeli Spring"

Benjamin Netanyahu’s decayed Likud/Beitenu right wing slate limped across the Israeli electoral finish line tonight leaving a trail of lost Knesset seats in its wake and the loss of incalculable political fortune for the once politically invincible Israeli prime minister. When the final vote tally emerges, it will surely represent a personal rebuke and a vote of popular no confidence in Netanyahu’s leadership. If exit polls prove accurate when all votes are counted, Netanyahu’s coalition party list – Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu -will have shed an astounding 11 parliament seats…an unexpected rebuke to Netanyahu by Israeli voters who had grown weary of the paltry Likud campaign diet of half-baked security bravado that belied Israel’s growing regional and international isolation and Netanyahu’s fixation with disgraced coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman who had been indicted during the campaign on charges of political corruption.While Netanyahu will likely get the initial nod from President Shimon Peres to take a run at forging a coalition government, he will face a new Israeli political equation he did not count on: the emergence of a new generation of secular Israeli political leaders who rode a wave of popular disenchantment against an intolerantly interfering right wing ultra orthodox religious establishment that Netanyahu never ceased to placate when it suited him to do so and which he shamelessly embraced during the campaign to his political detriment. Read More…
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Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Netanyahu’s Coalition Loss May Usher In An "Israeli Spring"

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