Amnesty now!

1a77Jacobin Amnesty now!

In the aftermath of Occupy, the Left in the United States is adrift. Without a wider structuring project, most of us have either receded from activism or delved entirely into local struggles. On the national horizon, major goals seem nonexistent: many of the bigger demands thought possible by the Left at the beginning of the Obama administration have now been shunted to the side, and the expansive social transformation evoked by many in Occupy, while still in the embers, is not manifested in large daily protests. One of the most consistently newsworthy developments in this lull, however, have been the Dream Activists: young undocumented immigrants seeking to enforce the United Nations-declared universal human right to a nationality. And certainly, the mass deportations of the past decade – 1.5 million and counting under Obama – have been one of the greatest, and largely unnoticed, moral affronts of our time.Continue Reading…


Amnesty now!

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