Amsterdam plans to house “anti-social” tenants in scum villages

Sex, drugs and liberal ideals — Amsterdam holds a global reputation as a bastion for progressive policy. Amsterdam is so liberal and open, in fact, that it will evict any unwanted elements that disturb this liberal openness and house them in shipping containers. Just that liberal.Amsterdam’s Mayor Eberhard van der Laan introduced the new policy late last year, which will punitively house tenants of public housing considered a persistent nuisance to temporary “basic” housing structures made of shipping containers. In Truth-Out, Danny Weil called it a “human disposibility scheme” which will warehouse and contain problematic elements of Dutch society.The mayor stressed that only tenants who are reported as exhibiting consistently violent or abusive behavior will be dispatched to temporary housing units — the housing is not for “the regular nuisance between two neighbors where one has the stereo too loud on Saturday night” he told the Guardian.Continue Reading…

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Amsterdam plans to house “anti-social” tenants in scum villages

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