And the year’s most scathing book reviews are …

The U.K.-based literary website The Omnivore has issued the shortlist for its Hatchet Job of the Year awards, an honor bestowed upon book critics who pen the “angriest, funniest, most trenchant” reviews of the year. The awards serve to recognize “honesty, wit and good writing,” condemning “mediocrity, sycophancy and lazy adjectives” among book reviewers. Below are excerpts from this year’s nominees, whose biting pieces were inspired by some of the most prominent authors of 2012.Craig Brown, in the Daily Mail, on “The Odd Couple,” by Richard Bradford:Imagine that we had all trooped into “Skyfall” to find it a mish-mash of all the old James Bond movies, with a couple of freshly shot scenes, and the producers had just trusted we wouldn’t spot it. This was how I felt when reading “The Odd Couple” by Richard Bradford. It is a triumph of ‘cut and paste’ – indeed, such a triumph that by now Bradford must be able to press the Command button and C for Copy simultaneously in his sleep.Continue Reading…

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And the year’s most scathing book reviews are …

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