Anonymous Temporarily Takes Down HunterMoore.TV Right Before Live BBC Interview

(Screenshot: HunterMoore.TV)
Anonymous claims it has gained access to files and photos on HunterMoore.TV, a new website from revenge porn king Hunter Moore. A faction of the hacker collective recently launched an operation to hold the “most hated man on the Internet” accountable. A source within Anonymous told Betabeat that the group has access to “all of the content he is going to release, some even from the old [Is Anyone Up] site apparantly because it still has their logos.”
Within the trove of files, Anonymous claims they have identified credit card numbers “on his site in plain text,” as well as usernames and passwords. The source also told Betabeat that they are “dumping his databases,” meaning that they plan to publish them online, most likely to Pastebin.
Anonymous also launched a DDOS attack against Mr. Moore’s site, taking it down intermittently. Because Mr. Moore employes Cloudflare’s Always Online technology, the error messages says users can “continue to surf a snapshot of the site.”
The site appears to be back up now. However, the submit form continues to be down, serving the message “This form is currently unavailable” when you click on it.
Anonymous revealed its plans to take down the site just before a live broadcast of the BBC radio show “World Have Your Say,” on which the two Anonymous operatives responsible for starting #OpHuntHunter are slated to appear to discuss the operation. Mr. Moore was invited to join the interview but declined.
(Screenshot: Twitter)

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Anonymous Temporarily Takes Down HunterMoore.TV Right Before Live BBC Interview

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