Are Plastic Bag Bans Making Us Sick?

6307plastic bag 600x400 Are Plastic Bag Bans Making Us Sick?

Are the bacteria living in reusable grocery bags
making us sick? A new study finds that plastic bag bans may be be
causing an uptick in emergency room visits and even deaths from
common foodborne bacteria like coliform and E.coli.The bag bans, which are usually justified on environmental
grounds, are increasingly popular around the nation and usually
incentivize shoppers to replace plastic with reusable canvas or
nylon totes.The study,
by Jonathan Klick of University of Pennsylvania Law School and the
Property and Environment Research Center and Joshua D. Wright of
the George Mason University School of Law, found that in
jurisdictions where plastic bags were banned saw ER visits increase
by about one-fourth, with a similar increase in deaths compared
with neighboring counties where the bags remained legal.Basically
people were schlepping leaky packages of meat and other foods in
their canvas bags, then wadding to the bags somewhere for awhile,
leaving bacteria to grow until the next trip, when they tossed
celery or other foods likely to be eaten raw in the same bags.Washing your bags reduces the risk, but let’s be honest: who
does that? To quote the study:
We find that the San Francisco County ban is associated with a
46 percent increase in deaths from foodborne illnesses. This
implies an increase of 5.5 annual deaths for the county. 
In short: Plastic bag bans are killing Californians. You are
next. Sorry.


Are Plastic Bag Bans Making Us Sick?

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