Arkansas bans abortion at 20 weeks

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The Arkansas Legislature has overridden Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto, and an unconstitutional ban on abortion at 20 weeks has now become law. The House voted 53 to 28 to override the veto, and Thursday the Senate overrode it by a vote of 19-14. The new law will go into effect immediately, bringing Arkansas into the ranks of seven other states that restrict or ban abortions after the 20-week mark.The new law provides for exceptions only in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, but has no such provisions for fetal anomalies or lethal fetal disorders. It is also in complete, total and flagrant violation of Roe v. Wade, but that was the point, of course.Gov. Beebe vetoed the bill on the grounds that it is a violation of women’s constitutionally protected right to an abortion, explaining in a statement: “When I was sworn in as Governor I took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend both the Arkansas Constitution and the Constitution of the United States. I take that oath seriously.”He also raised the financial risks of such an unconstitutional law (emphasis mine):Continue Reading…

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Arkansas bans abortion at 20 weeks

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