Arrests in Brooklyn in 3rd night of police brutality protest (PHOTOS)

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The demonstration began at Brooklyn’s 67th Precinct in EastFlatbush, the part of New York’s Brooklyn section where Gray wasshot to death by police on Saturday. Witness and police accountsdiffer on whether Gray was brandishing a weapon before he waskilled.According to autopsy results, Gray was shot seven times – fourtimes in the front of his body, and three times in the back.Brooklynites were heard shouting “murderers!” at themassive police presence Wednesday as officers prohibited peoplefrom even stepping onto the street in one of New York’s poorerneighborhoods while police helicopters circled overhead.The event has been marked by a near-absolute lack of commercialmedia coverage, with most of the slack being picked up by activistslivestreaming from the rally or reporting via Twitter.Media reporting on new Pope for 20 straight hours whilehelicopters & riot gear are deployed on the streets of NewYork. #BrooklynProtest— Anonymous (@DBCOOPA) March 14,2013Reinforcements were brought into the neighborhood early in theevening after a police car’s rear windshield was smashed at thetense but generally peaceful demonstration.”About 45 arrests so far, lot of young black women inparticular,” said Twitter user @shushugah, reporting earlier from the demonstration. Police only confirm 18 peoplearrested.Video #Brooklynprotest#kimanigrayNYPD arresting people on sidewalks.— Javier Soriano (@JavierSorianoNY) March14, 2013″The block is closed,” a police officer told Ustream userstopmotionsolo as he tried to film the protest. “Party’sover,” the officer added.Gray’s killing struck a nerve in East Flatbush, where in August2012, 23-year-old Shantel Davis was shot to death by a policeofficer after being dragged out of her car. The officer claimed shehad stolen the car she was driving at gunpoint. She bled todeath.RT has been covering the East Flatbush rallies in memory of Grayfrom day one, and spoke to legendary civil rights activist CarlDix, who has spent much of his career advocating against policebrutality.The NYPD has long struggled with accusations of systematicracism, and Dix says US authorities have their priorities mixedup.Video of young female protestor being arrested & crushed by5— Anonymous (@CIApressoffice) March14, 2013“The police – whenever they murder or kill a black or Latinoyouth – it is always justifiable homicide. The witnesses tell adifferent story, and this happens again and again,” Dix toldRT.“We should live in a society where those who are entrustedwith public security would sooner risk their own lives than murderor injure an innocent person. But it’s the other wayaround.”“People are frustrated, people are angry,” Dix said ofthe Brooklyn rallies in recent days. “And I’m not going tocondemn them for standing up expressing their anger – because thereal violence in this case begins with the killing of KimaniGray.”#NYPD declareda portion of Flastbush a “Frozen Zone”, i.e. media are not allowedin and people can be subjected to arrest #BrooklynProtest— Tidal (@occupytheory) March14, 2013


Arrests in Brooklyn in 3rd night of police brutality protest (PHOTOS)

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