At odds on Iran: US doesn’t share Israeli zeal for military solution

c443irans weapon of mass destruction At odds on Iran: US doesn’t share Israeli zeal for military solution

Almost seven years later, Israel’s window of opportunity isclosing fast. ‘My big brother America is gonna beat you up…!’That’s been Israel’s implicit message to Iran eversince.  When George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, CondoleezaRice and the NeoCons ran America, bringing the US on board thiswar-mongering effort against Iran did not seem a daunting task.Especially considering that inside the US, Israel can rely on alittle help from its ‘friends': the powerful pro-Israel lobby ledby AIPAC – American Israeli Public AffairsCommittee.But in 2008 Bush was replaced by Barack Obama whose brandof Democrats are not all knee-jerking ‘Israel First’fanatics.  Add to that the US Military’s growing resistance toa foreign policy that has been led astray by the Israeli lobby,particularly after successive fiascos in Iraq, Afghanistan, and thegrowing “Arab Spring” mess.Even more, large sectors of US and global public opinionare becoming aware of the dangers of America’s Israel addiction; ofIsrael’s use and abuse of the US as a proxy power fighting itswars, something clearly not in America’s national interest. In hismessage to the UN General Assembly last September, Israeli primeminister Benjamin Netanyahu produced a cute bomb-shaped graph toshow the world just how close ‘big bad Iran’ is to having a nuclearbomb which he says they will use to obliterate ‘good littleIsrael’. Netanyahu would have certainly loved to see staunchZionist Mitt Romney make it to the White House in November’selections but – Alas! – he didn’t, and Obama’s still living there,and even had the nerve of naming non-Zionist moderate Chuck Hagelas head the Pentagon. It seems the US is taking an increasingly arm’s lengthapproach to the ‘Iran Problem’ given the very serious geopoliticalperils and overtones that any unilateral US/Israeli/NATO militaryattack on Iran would spell, which might even lead to directconfrontation with Russia. Meanwhile Iran will not back down on its nuclear program,an issue the Obama Administration is taking an oddly calm viewon.  Significantly, the US even gave Argentina a subtle nod tonegotiate with Iran over the 1994 AMIA terror bombing in BuenosAires.Since, theories have arisen that Bush, the US president atthe time, coaxed Argentina’s President Kirchner into falselyaccusing Iran, solely based on CIA/Mossad “evidence” delivered inOctober 2006, right after Israel’s fiasco inLebanon. So in light of all this what, exactly, is going onhere?  Why are the US and Israel at loggerheads overIran? America’s Worst Nightmare Today the US and Israel have increasingly divergent interestsand objectives regarding Iran.  Israel’s are easy tograsp: Iran is Israel’s geopolitical arch-enemy, and one of the fewcountries that is up to the task of becoming a strong and credibleleader in the Muslim World, especially since one of Iran’s keyobjectives is to do away with Israel’s hardline rule inPalestine. Mainstream Western media have continually and falselynoted that “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map”, rather thanIran merely wanting an end to the Israeli occupation ofPalestine.  America, however, has a different cause forconcern. Nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear program but rather withthe US Dollar. For many decades the US, through its Federal ReserveBank, has abusively printed huge quantities of unbacked ‘Fiatmoney’ to finance its huge deficit, which today has ballooned toover 15 trillion.  All’s well as long as that money circulatesand ends up somewhere far away, such as the vaults of the centralbanks of friendly countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, andeven of some not so friendly countries like China. Even if it iskept going around and around in the global financialmerry-go-rounds of the bonds markets or… the huge global oilmarket.“Just keep it flowing and busy in all those markets”,Washington seems to be saying, “…so that we can continue printingmore and more of it!”  Of course, none dare call it inflation,technocrats have nice buzz-words for things like, “QuantitativeEasing I, II and III”, “TARP Funding” and “too-big-to-fail-megabankbailouts…” But call it what you may, inflation by any other namesmells just as rotten… Public EnemiesThe US knows only too well that, to a great extent, it is asuperpower without much power, because if China decided to selltheir almost 2 trillion in US-Dollar treasury bills, bonds andother financial instruments, quickly changing them into Euros, itwould spell inflationary disaster for America.  Sucheventualities however, are unlikely to occur given the complexitiesof global financial markets; thus, neither China nor any othermajor US-dollar-holder appears ready to do that – not just now,anyway.However, there is another much more physical, concrete andstrategically complex threat that keeps US leaders awake at night-the oil market. To better understand why America’s joy-ride is fastcoming to an end as people’s political awareness grows, let me giveyou a simple example:  Every time Argentina, South Africa orJapan need to buy a barrel of crude oil, its people must work toearn those 100 dollars oil costs in internationalmarkets. The US, however, only needs to print US$100. The same goesif they need money to overrun Iraq, Libya or drone-bomb Afghanistanto smithereens: just print the money and keep the oil flowing andthe bombs falling. Get the picture?  It’s easy to be a“superpower” that way!But the picture becomes clearer when you join thedots.  Imagine what would happen if those trillions upontrillions of Petro-Dollars spinning and gurgling globally were tosuddenly slip from the control of the three – and only three – NewYork, London and Dubai-based global oil markets solely trading inDollars? For instance, if a major oil-producing country or group ofcountries were to create a fourth global oil market trading not inDollars but in Euros, say Yens, Rubles, Yuans…? Given the volumesof oil that countries like China, India and Japan gobble up, ifsuccessful, such a market would displace very sizeable shares ofPetro-Dollar volumes, which would mean fast declining mega-sums ofPetro-dollars spinning away from global markets and flowing backtowards US-centered financial circuits. Can you imagine whathundreds of billions of freed up Petro-Dollars flowing back to theUS in a short period of time would mean? Weapons of mass destructionWell, like the proverbial cat playing with a mouse under itspaws, since at least 2005 Iran has been openly toying with the ideaof opening up a such fourth non-US$ global oil market. China would probably support them as they get a sizeable share oftheir oil from Iran, so perhaps would India. If the followers ofHugo Chavez hold on to power, Venezuela too might tag along (now dowe understand why the US needs to get a strong grip onVenezuela?). Even Russia, which does not really need Iranian oil, mightsupport Iran for its own geopolitical reasons, considering itsgrowing conflicts with the West.  Last year, we even heardstrong rumors about Iran selling oil to India payable ingold…  Iran fully understands this issue so they arecautiously biding their time. Remember, their Persian forefathersinvented chess… So, wouldn’t the US just love to take out Iran tothwart such a threat?  I mean, it already happened twice inthe last decade:IRAQ: As part of UN sanctions after the first Gulf War,every year Saddam Hussein was allowed to trade one billion dollarsof Iraqi oil for medicines and food.  But then, startingin 2000 Saddam started to switch over to the Euro.  Suddenly,the world learned from Bush’s NeoCons that Iraq had arsenals ofnasty “weapons of mass destruction”; that Saddam had to be “takenout” otherwise mushroom clouds would explode over London,Washington and New York!  And so, a decade ago in March 2003,the US, UK and NATO promptly ransacked Iraq and had Saddam Husseinmurdered. WMD’s?  Ooopss, sorry… didn’t find any!…but:Iraq continues selling its oil in dollars.LIBYA: In 2010 Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was planningto introduce a new currency to trade North African oil: the “GoldDinar” in lieu of the dollar.  Suddenly, the worldlearned from the US, France and Britain that Gaddafi was aformidable monster so…in October 2011 he too was taken out andmurdered on live TV to the laughter of Hillary“We-came-we-saw-he-died” Clinton. Now Libya lies in shambles butits new pro-Exxon/BP “authorities” trade their oil solely indollars…Turning pointsThe key question now is which shall prevail in the US in theweeks and months to come: American national interest or Israelinational interest? This is really top level Machtpolitik so, just to be sureeverything’s in order, the most obedient Western mainstream mediaare keeping “all options on the table” running all sorts ofheadlines to remind us how nasty Iran is, its nuke ambitions, poorLittle Israel and its security issues (which is why they’re allowedto keep the sole nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, right?), thedelicate state of the global financial system and why no one shouldbe allowed to rock the boat and, of course, the never-ending “Waron Terror…”, But now we know.It is all about oil; it is all about the US-Dollar; it isall about a global financial system being kept artificially alivefor mega-banker profit; it is about Israel…  The flip-sideof that coin gets even worse: It’s not about the interest of theworking masses in the US, Europe and worldwide; and it definitelyis not about Democracy or Human Rights. Adrian Salbuchi forRT

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At odds on Iran: US doesn’t share Israeli zeal for military solution

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