Atlas Shrugged Part III To Roll, It’s Officially Official

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Although producer and financier John Aglialoro let the cat out
of the bag in early February, as readers of Reason 24/7

knew, the Atlas Shrugged movie team made the official
announcement today that, despite losing a reported over $20 million
on the first two parts, they are going to finish telling the
full ;Atlas ;saga in film form, as they wish
to. ;

From their press release:

Today, Atlas Productions, LLC officially announced that “Atlas
Shrugged Part 3”, the third and final installment of the Atlas
Shrugged movie trilogy, has been officially greenlit with principal
photography to begin later this year…
Aglialoro’s company produced and distributed Parts 1 and 2, and
has set a USA theatrical release for Part 3 in the Summer of
2014. ; Parts 1 and 2 are now currently available on DVD and
internet download.
Producer Harmon Kaslow said, “Our number one goal with Part 3 is
to pull the prescient message of Atlas off of the page and project
it clearly onto the screen. Ayn Rand drew incredibly sharp
archetypes with stark backdrops. ; Our goal with Part 3 is to
bring these characters to life as accurately as possible and
celebrate Rand’s message.”

The first two films featured different casts and director, and
no actors or director are yet announced for Part

Hollywood Reporter ;on the announcement:

“The message of ;Atlas Shrugged ;is far greater
than any particular political movement and our intention is to
convey that message as clearly as possible,” ;Kaslow ;tells
The Hollywood Reporter. “We are ultimately confident that we’re
going to have absolutely no direct impact on the looters already
entrenched in Washington. We are however equally as confident that
if we let ;Atlas ;speak for itself, we can have an
impact on the voters that put them there.”
Production and marketing budgets for the first two films were
between $10 million-$20 million apiece, and the third will be made
and marketed for less than $10 million…
As with the first two films, ;Part 3 ;will hit
theaters at a politically advantageous time — summer of 2014, just
ahead of the midterm elections. ;Part 1 ;was
released on April 15, tax day, 2011, and ;Part
2 ;opened in October, 2012, just ahead of the November
presidential election.

Hostile jokers on the Internet who haven’t bothered to read Rand
and understand her as some sort of prophet of profit above all seem
to find a snickering irony in these filmmakers following their
muse. The entire point of her 1943 novel The Fountainhead
was of the prime importance of the creative artist, who should and
will do the work they want to do, whether or not the world rewards
them for it. The Atlas film project, whatever your
opinions of its merits, is in a very Randian spirit all the
My reports from the set of Atlas
Shrugged Part One and
Atlas Shrugged Part Two. ;
My reviews of
Atlas Shrugged Part One ;and ;Atlas
Shrugged Part Two. ;
The story of Rand’s life and impact is told in my book

Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern
American Libertarian Movement.


Atlas Shrugged Part III To Roll, It’s Officially Official

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