‘Benedict left pedophilia unaddressed, victims still suffering’

Nothing has been done by the current pope to support the victimsof pedophile priests, and nothing will be done in the next papacy,Lorenz said.David Lorenz: We are working to raise awareness for sexualabuse crimes crisis that’s plagued the church a minimum of 25years, if not hundreds of years longer. We want the church to takereal action. There’s been a lot of words and a lot of apologies,but there hasn’t been a lot of action and we want those people whohave sexually abused children to be held accountable.RT: According to Pope Benedict, he decided to resign forhealth reasons. How much do you think his decision is actuallyconnected to the numerous scandals surrounding the Vatican?DL: There certainly are a lot of rumors and I hate tospeculate on their truthfulness. I will say that clearly the sexualabuse crisis during his pontificate has probably weighted heavy onhis mind. It’s been difficult for him, it continually comes up. Andit continually comes up primarily out of his own failings. He hasnot fully addressed it, he said some nice words but it hasn’t beena lot of really true action. It has distracted him, it wassomething he had to deal with during his entire time. And itprobably has caused him to wear out. If he’d only addressed it, Ithink it would have been a lot better.RT: There have been many abuse scandals. How do yourate the Vatican’s efforts in these issues?DL: Oh, the Vatican’s efforts have been abysmal. We’veheard apologies, but what is the real action? We know of many manybishops who have covered up these crimes: Cardinal Mahony in theUnited States, Cardinal Brady in Ireland, most recently CardinalO’Brien in Scotland. Throughout the world, there’s just plenty ofevidence that they’ve covered up these crimes. Not only they’vecovered it up, but they’ve tried to cover their tracks.With Mahony it took legal action to bring out 12,000 pages ofdocumentation showing that he had knowingly moved pedophilesaround, and he would send pedophiles out of the country to escapelegal action. And Benedict has known about this, in fact, asprefect for the congregation the CDF he required that all abusecases go through him. So he is well aware of all of these abusecases and yet he’s done nothing to stop it or nothing to stop thebishops from covering it up.RT: What measures could be taken to improve thetarnished reputation of the Catholic Church? Can we expect thatchange to happen with the next Pope?DL: With the next Pope I don’t have a lot of hope. Thesecardinals were all appointed by Pope Benedict and his predecessorJohn Paul II, and they will keep doing what these two have beendoing. I don’t have a lot of hope in that papacy.What could be done is, one: They could be open and honest toreveal all the personal files of all the credibly accused priests.They could publish on their website all those names, not only ofthe living but of those who are dead. There is a lot of resistanceto doing that. The problem is, the priest may be deceased, but thevictims who are living in shame and guilt, they are still alive andthey are still suffering. And just by revealing that name, it couldhelp them to start the recovery process.

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‘Benedict left pedophilia unaddressed, victims still suffering’

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