‘Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’: LIVE UPDATES

210aegypt milllions protest morsi ‘Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’: LIVE UPDATES

21:36 GMT: Watch RT’s Bel Trew with the latest report from Cairo: Video: /files/news/1f/9b/20/00/original_cairo.asf 21:30 GMT: Reportedly #Morsi left the capital for security reasons,amid clashes at MB headquarters in Cairo: still finding source for this. — Bel Trew – بل ترو (@Beltrew) June 30, 2013 21:25 GMT: There are unconfirmed reports that President Mohammed Morsi has left the capital for security reasons. 21:28 GMT: In London hundreds of Egyptians took part in anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations demanding President Mohammed leave and to make way for early presidential elections. “No to remnants of the former regime; No to military rule; No to the Muslim Brotherhood,” they shouted for three-hours outside the Egyptian embassy. 21:17 GMT: Four people have been killed in clashes on Sunday. All four dead were shot in Nile Valley towns south of Cairo, one in Beni Suef and three in Assiut. 22:00 GMT: “It is the biggest protest in Egypt’s history,” a military source told AFP on condition of anonymity. 21:30 GMT: During the record breaking rally against the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, an Egyptian woman gave birth to a baby girl in Tahrir Square. The child named “Tamarod”, Arabic for rebellion and also an opposition group, which heads  a nationwide campaign against Mulslim Brotherhood and calling for Mursi’s removal and early presidential vote. 21:00 GMT: Egyptian Health Minister Mohamed Hamed says the number of injured across the country has increased to 228 from 174. Many of the injuries are related to the heat and crowds rather than clashes, Ahram Online reports. 36 people have been discharged from hospitals.  18:30 GMT: Opponents of President Mohammed Morsi have attempted to storm the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, the organization’s spokesman has said. Gehad El-Haddad, the spokesman for the Brotherhood, which nominated Morsi as its candidate ahead of last year’s elections, said several dozen protesters shot at the windows with shotguns, and threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the building, which had been fortified in recent weeks. El-Haddad said the attackers were successfully repelled.  17:00 GMT: From early on Sunday, throngs streamed towards Tahrir Square in Cairo – the birthplace of the protests that displaced former president Hosni Mubarak in 2011 – under the rallying cry of “Leave, Morsi! Leave!”. The organizers, an activist movement called Tamarod, or Rebellion, asked demonstrators – who include pro-democratic secularists, religious minorities, and those suffering in Egypt’s stuttering economy – to leave their party allegiances at home, and bring only national flags to the rally.

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‘Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’: LIVE UPDATES

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