Bilderberg 2013: Live Updates

d93421 Bilderberg 2013: Live Updates

16:02 GMT: Traditionally, thousands of protesters from around the world are flocking to Watford to say ‘no’ to the rich and wealthy shaping the planet’s future.   Security has been tightened around the town, with a no-fly zone enacted over the Bilderberg meeting and concrete and wire barriers surrounding the 300-acre premises of the Grove hotel. 15:51 GMT: The Bilderberg Group, long criticized for a lack of transparency, has this time revealed some of the main topics of the upcoming meeting, with cyber warfare, US foreign policy, “developments in the Middle East” and “Africa’s challenges” expected to be on the agenda. 15:40 GMT: RT starts live updates from the 61st Bilderberg meeting, which is taking place at the 5-star Grove hotel in the English city of Watford on June 8-9. The 138 members of the global elite – politicians, bank bosses, billionaires, chief executives and European royalty – get together annually to discuss the most pressing issues in global politics and economics.

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Bilderberg 2013: Live Updates

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