Bill Maher has new rules for 2013

 Bill Maher has new rules for 2013

Bill Maher, who referred to 2012 as “meh,” is looking forward to the new year.

In fact, Maher has a list of new rules for 2013, which have been published by the New York Times.

One reads, “Now that their end-of-the-world prophecy has proved to be complete baloney, the Mayans must be given a job predicting election results for Fox News.”

Another starts, “You can’t run for president if you don’t know how old the world is. Quizzed recently, Marco Rubio answered, ‘I’m not a scientist, man.’ As if you have to be Galileo to Google, ‘How old is the earth?’”

The remaining rules range from politics and the fiscal cliff to child pageants and dog shows.

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Bill Maher has new rules for 2013

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