Brits accused for Sweden garlic smuggling racket

Sweden has issued an arrest warrant for two Brits suspected of smuggling millions of dollars’ worth of garlic into Sweden from Norway.Elk rescued from Swede’s swimming pool (8 Jan 13)
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The two men are believed to be behind a massive garlic smuggling operation whereby huge quantities of the popular seasoning were shipped from China to Norway and then brought over the Swedish border illicitly in order to avoid into the European Union import duties.Prosecutors estimate the pair smuggled around 10 million ($13.1 million) worth of garlic into Sweden.”We’re talking about big money and profitable operation,” prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand told the local Bohuslningen newspaper.”It involved many shipments of garlic.”While garlic can be imported to Norway from China duty-free, the EU slaps a 9.6 percent import duty on garlic imports.According to the warrant, the Brits are suspected of using a company set up in Norway to profit from the import duty discrepancy, smuggling more than 100 tonnes of garlic across the Swedish border since 2009.Prosecutors hope issuing warrants for the two Brits will result in them being arrested and extradited back to Sweden on charges of aggravated customs violations.TT/The Local/dlFollow The Local on Twitter


Brits accused for Sweden garlic smuggling racket

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