Brooklyn to run new Swedish ‘Beer El Dorado’

US-based Brooklyn Brewery will help set up a microbrewery in an upscale post-industrial Stockholm neighbourhood, in a business drive with Swedish brewers Carlsberg and Carnegie.Record rains dampened Swedish electricity cost (28 Dec 12)
Food in Sweden third most expensive in EU (11 Dec 12)
Swedish supermarket sold full strength beer (1 Aug 12)

The three beer makers will move into the Hammarby Sjstad neighborhood’s Luma Factory, which is considered part of Sweden’s functionalist architecture heritage.There will be an adjoining restaurant and a “beer school” nearby, creating what Carnegie has chosen to dub a “Beer El Dorado”. “The new Carnegie Brewery celebrates the Swedish beer culture that is once again thriving,” the project CEO Joakim Losin said in a statement. The companies emphasized that the microbrewery will be a meeting place for nearby residents and beer enthusiasts. The Swedish drinks makers welcomed the small scale brewing expertise of Brooklyn, NY-based Brooklyn Brewers, which was set up by local Steve Hindy, who learned to brew beer in the Middle East, and his business partner Tom Potter.”Their knowledge of running a small scale brewery in conjunction with their creativity gives us a head start,” said Carlsberg Sweden spokesman Henric Bystrm to industry magazine Beer Sweden. The Americans will run the day-to-day production at the new brewery. TT/The Local/atFollow The Local on Twitter

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Brooklyn to run new Swedish ‘Beer El Dorado’

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