Bucket List Tips From Motivational Speaker Joan Moran

We all have bucket lists — a set of things we’d like to accomplish in our lives. In some cases, they are places to see, lifestyles we hope to achieve, milestones we’d like to mark. To make a bucket list, all you need is an imagination. But to accomplish what’s on that list? Well, sometimes that’s where the going gets rougher.Joan Moran, motivational speaker, author and yoga-mediation instructor, recently spoke at the Healthy Aging Conference hosted by the UCLA Longevity Center on how midlifers can achieve their goals. The 69-year-old dynamo (she teaches more than 20 yoga classes a week and dances the tango internationally) spoke with The Huffington Post after her talk:The Huffington Post: You are well-known for your energy and ability to motivate others. Can you explain the core of your message?Read More…


Bucket List Tips From Motivational Speaker Joan Moran

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