Canadian police arrest over 250 at anti-brutality rally

e9284 Canadian police arrest over 250 at anti brutality rally

“We sent a message right at the beginning,” said Cmdr.Ian Lafreniere of the Montreal police, citing municipal bylaw P-6during a press conference after the march.“They didn’t share aroute, they didn’t share their itinerary, they refused to give us alocation where they were heading. That’s the reason we put a stopto that.”Twelve others were arrested for criminal activity, includingpossession of incendiary materials, assault on a police officer,mischief and making threats. Another 150 were fined over US$600 forparticipating in an illegal assembly, CBC reported.Police began making their first arrests before the march hadeven begun. After the march started, police stopped demonstratorsand randomly searched their bags. Officers also used wedgeformations to split the crowd into smaller groups.“There’s as many police officers as there areprotesters,” university student Dominique Cyr told CTV News.“In the beginning the police were very aggressive… It’s acriminal act that the police are doing on the people and they mustpay for their crimes.”At least six people were injured during the rally, two policeofficers and four demonstrators. None of the injuries werelife-threatening. Police officers were transported to a hospital,one of whom had two broken teeth. The march against police brutality is an annual event that hadbeen taking place for the past 17 years to mark the InternationalDay against Police Brutality. Historically, the demonstrations haveended in violence and mass arrests.The 2012 rally coincided with student protests and turnedviolent, with 226 arrests taking place. Montreal saw a surge inprotests, violence and mass arrests last year as studentsdemonstrated against the province’s tuition hikes. Thedemonstrations resulted in tougher regulations for assembly.

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Canadian police arrest over 250 at anti-brutality rally

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