Channel surfing: The rudderless “Office” thrives, “FNL” alums founder

My observations of the past week of TV: Too short to stand on their own and too long to keep to myself. 1. When Steve Carell left “The Office,” it sent the show into a frenzy to crown the “next boss.” Determining said boss was the major theme of last season, and the reason there were guest-starring roles for Will Arnett, James Spader, Ray Romano, as well as longer story arcs for Catherine Tate and James Spader as the mellow perveball Robert California. But after all that fuss, there is currently no boss “The Office” at all— Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) is on a long vacation to the Caribbean and has been MIA for weeks— and it’s… totally fine. The show’s in much better shape than it was during the doldrums of last year, and the huge supporting cast has more to do. In hindsight, “The Office” would have been better served ignoring, rather than trying to fill, Carell’s shoes.Continue Reading…

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Channel surfing: The rudderless “Office” thrives, “FNL” alums founder

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