Chicago starts posting photos of dead bodies online

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By posting disturbingly detailed images of the decaying corpses,the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Officer has been scrutinized forits insensitivity. The website lists descriptive features – someaccompanied by photos – of unclaimed bodies found as far back asSeptember 2009.One photo accompanies a description of a 60-year-old Asianfemale who was found dead on May 2011. Another photo shows thecorpse of a gray-haired old man who has been dead since November2010. The unidentified bodies are preserved in coolers, waiting tobe claimed by friends or family who might stumble upon thewebsite.Together with hundreds of other corpses, they are stacked incontainers – as many as 500 of them in a cooler designed for 300, asource familiar with the office told the Chicago Sun-Times.But with coolers filled beyond their capacity, the medicalexaminer’s officer is desperately looking to have the missingpersons claimed.“For the some discomfort that it may show, that people mayfeel looking at some of the images, it’s worth it to reunite somefamilies,” Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Steve Cina told Fox32 News.“We’re hoping that that photo can trigger somebody’s memory,that you know, that person grew up down the street from me, or thatperson used to live nearby and I know where their mom is,” Cinaadded.Clicking on a link that goes to a photo first provides a warningabout the graphic nature of the image. In some cases, the medicalexaminer’s officer provides multiple images, depicting the bodies’tattoos and other identifying information. Cina claims that hisoffice has already had one success story, and he hopes that thephotos will lead to more.“There are so many individuals out here who are missing, somaybe this will give us an opportunity to locate them,” ReginaO’Neal, who was at the morgue waiting to view a body, told Fox.Although the woman feels uncomfortable with the idea that anyonecan view the bodies online, she believes that the pros outweigh thecons.The Chicago-based morgue lists several unidentified bodies, butalso nearly 50 unclaimed ones whose named as often known, but whosefamily members have had no money or desire to pay for a burial.The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has held onto corpsesthat have been dead for years. Many medical examiners’ officersaround the country hold onto corpses for years, sometimes decades.In Philadelphia, unidentified or unclaimed bodies are kept for aminimum of three months. But when grieving families can’t afford aburial or have no desire to claim their loved ones, the countyfrequently takes over. In 2011, Cook County began to donateunclaimed remains to science, unless families object. But thecounty hopes that those who are unidentified will be discovered byfriends or family who stumble upon photos of the deceased.“Maybe we’ve just given that family a chance to end astatement with a period, instead of a question mark,” Cina toldFox. “You know maybe that’s the best we can do it at our end ofthe business.”

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Chicago starts posting photos of dead bodies online

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