Chinese leader seeks trust in India

ff4dmf Chinese leader seeks trust in India

ff4dmf Chinese leader seeks trust in India



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China’s prime minister has pledged to build trust and cooperation during his visit to India.

Li Keqiang’s first foreign trip since taking office comes just weeks after a military standoff between the Asian giants on their ill-defined border in the Himalayan mountains.

Talks between Li and Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh are expected to focus on trade ties and other bilateral issues.

The Chinese leader has said that the two countries could become a new engine of the world economy.

“World peace and regional stability cannot be a reality without strategic mutual trust between India and China,” said Li.

“Likewise, the development and prosperity of the world cannot be a reality without the cooperation and simultaneous development of China and India.”

Li’s visit sparked protests outside the Indian parliament. A group of right-wing Hindu activists called for him to leave in the wake of the recent border tensions – which saw China being accused of an incursion.

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Chinese leader seeks trust in India

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