Chinese Wedding Gift: Father Pays Dowry Worth $150 Million

Most couples don’t expect to get new cars as wedding gifts. But that’s just the beginning of what one Chinese father gave his daughter and son-in-law as a wedding present.The South China Morning Post reported Monday that Wu Duanbiao, chairman of ceramics firm Fujian Wanli Group, gave his daughter and her new husband a dowry worth $150 million for their wedding on Sunday. The extravagant gift included four boxes of gold jewelry, more than $3 million deposited into their bank account, $800,000 in stock, a Porsche and a Mercedes. Wu also gifted the couple with a retail store, mansion and other properties.To top it all off, Wu donated nearly $2.5 million to two local charities on the couple’s behalf.Read More…

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Chinese Wedding Gift: Father Pays Dowry Worth $150 Million

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