CIA whistle-blower sentenced to 30 months

712dmf CIA whistle blower sentenced to 30 months

Former CIA agent John Kiriakou was sentenced to 30 months in jail Friday for leaking to a reporter the identity of a “covert CIA officer” engaged in the agency’s torture program. Kiriakou, one of the first CIA agents to admit publicly that the U.S. had waterboaded detainees, pleaded guilty last year to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. He is the first person to be convicted under the law in 27 years.Based on Kiriakou’s guilty plea, the prosecution dropped other charges including those filed under the Espionage Act. The 48-year-old had worked as a CIA operative during George W. Bush’s first presidential term and took part in operations to capture al-Qaida suspects in Pakistan. In 2007 he spoke to ABC, revealing information about his former agency’s Rendition, Detention, Interrogation (RDI) program. Although he has been celebrated as a whistle-blower for his disclosures on torture, the judge presiding over his case rejected his whistle-blower defense.As the New York Times reported, Judge Leonie Brinkema offered stern words to Kiriakou while approving the two and a half year sentence:Continue Reading…

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CIA whistle-blower sentenced to 30 months

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