Cleaner in train crash cleared of suspicion

The cleaner onboard a train the crashed into a house in the upscale Stockholm suburb of Saltsjbaden is no longer suspected of committing a crime, prosecutors announced on Friday.’Train crash might have been an accident’ (17 Jan 13)
Train ‘thief’ not well enough for questions (16 Jan 13)
Cleaning lady steals train and crashes into house (15 Jan 13)

The incident, which took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning and made headlines around the world, may end up being reclassified as a workplace safety crime.”Everything indicates that this was an accident resulting from several unfortunate circumstances that allowed the woman to set the train in motion in connection with the cleaning,” prosecutor Pr Andersson said in a statement.A former prosecutor, however, called for the probe to continue as a suspected crime against Sweden’s workplace safety laws in order to assess what responsibility the train operator had in causing the accident.”If the investigation shows that there were workplace safety violations and there is a connection with what happened, that could be grounds for suspicions that a workplace safety crime has taken place,” said Andersson.Both Stockholm public transit operator SL and subcontractor Arriva hinted that the cleaning lady stole the train before crashing it through a barrier at the end of the line.The train came to rest in a small block of flats about 30 metres from the end of the line, where it remains lodged in the ground-floor kitchen of one of the apartments.The cleaner, meanwhile, remains in serious but stable condition and it remains unclear when she may be well enough to speak with police.TT/The Local/dlFollow The Local on Twitter

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Cleaner in train crash cleared of suspicion

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