Controversial ideas? They’re kids!

In case you haven’t reached your quota of face palming for the day, here’s something else to help motivate your hand toward your forehead. A South Lyon, Mich., schoolteacher has been suspended from her job for playing a song about marriage equality in class. I’m sure you’ve totally averted the evils of indoctrination now, school officials!The story would be absurd even if performing arts teacher Susan Johnson had specifically brought in the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, “Same Love,” as some sort of lesson in, yikes, tolerance. But what makes it super inane is that Johnson was doing what a good teacher is supposed to do – responding to a student. One of her eighth graders asked if he could play the song, and, as Johnson says, “I asked him a few questions about the song. If it was violent, if there was any profanity, and he said no. And I said this sounds like a great song to go ahead and use for the class.” But a lack of violence and profanity isn’t enough if you’ve got a hard message for some people to hear.Continue Reading…

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Controversial ideas? They’re kids!

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