David Chase reflects on the “Sopranos” ending

In a recent interview with David Chase about his new film, “Not Fade Away,” the conversation inevitably turned to “The Sopranos” and its infamous ending. Below are Chase’s comments reflecting on watching the final episode for the first time two years ago, with only an occasional interjection from a reporter.—I thought the episode itself might have been kind of a dud, but it wasn’t. I was proud of it. I was satisfied that we’d done something. What I didn’t understand was that the ending would be so talked-about that it would completely obliterate the rest of the episode that came before it. No one ever even saw it, talked about it, mentioned it or anything about it – and I think didn’t even interpret it correctly because all they talked about was that ending. I did not know that would happen.I think a lot of people thought they were being made a fool of, that I was being really meta – is that the word? – and postmodern or just showing my quote-unquote “contempt” for the audience or going “Ha, ha, ha. It’s just a TV show.” None of that was what was going on. That was the best ending I knew to come up with and I thought it said some things but people didn’t get it because they were angry. Or maybe it wasn’t executed well.Continue Reading…

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David Chase reflects on the “Sopranos” ending

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