David Foster Wallace had Sandusky’s interviewer right

If you haven’t read David Foster Wallace’s feature “Host,” which skewers the talk radio industry and its curdled politics, today may be the day to dust off your paperback copy of “Consider the Lobster” or do a little spelunking in the Atlantic’s archives. That’s because the profile’s subject, yakker-cum-documentarian John Ziegler, has reemerged to share a superfluous and ultimately offensive new interview with Jerry Sandusky that Ziegler conducted for his forthcoming documentary, “The Framing of Joe Paterno.”The interview, which aired this morning on the “Today Show,” offered few surprises. Sandusky maintains his innocence and shows no sign of remorse, laughing off the disputed testimony of former assistant coach Mike McQuarry. The Paterno family, meanwhile, has publicly decried the interview as “misguided and inappropriate” in order to distance themselves from any defense of Joe Paterno that hinges on the account of Jerry Sandusky.Continue Reading…

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David Foster Wallace had Sandusky’s interviewer right

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