David Sedaris has a pleasingly strange voice

f82cmf David Sedaris has a pleasingly strange voice

David Sedaris first rose to prominence on public radio, with his 1992 performance of “Santaland Diaries,” in which he told the story of his career as Crumpet the Elf at the New York Macy’s. The most astonishing thing about this and other early performances, in retrospect, is how all the elements that conspired to make Sedaris a writer-celebrity — the embellishment from his own life, the transparent hyperbole, the play with repetition, the sharp and occasionally dark edge of his observational humor, and most of all his own pleasingly strange voice — were already present and operating so strongly that they seemed to belong to their own special genre (the Sedaris, let’s say) long before Sedaris had written and performed enough pieces that the group of them could reasonably qualify as a genre.Continue Reading…

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David Sedaris has a pleasingly strange voice

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