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Taking the cartoon as inspiration, I pulled up Detroit and found
the Packard plant. Then, looked around at the surrounding area.It can be hard to see from satellite view, signs of abandonment.
A roof is a roof. Some of the giveaway signs I look for are empty
parking lots. Why is there this massive building, with a huge
parking lot, and absolutely no cars in it?If you zoom in close enough in google maps, you can see a “side
view” shot of buildings, and that’s when the missing walls and
trash start showing up.As another example, google “gilbo avenue, detroit” in maps and
satellite view. It looks like a green sparse neighborhood. Then,
you realize, “Hey: there used to be houses where all that green
is.” Then, you also note, “Hey, there are no cars parked at a lot
of these houses. Weird.” Then have fun plopping down in street
view, moving around, and counting the abandoned houses with broken
windows and loose doors, between vast empty spaces of green
overgrown sidewalks in what used to be a community.



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