Dick Armey apologizes to me

Oh, Facebook. Even founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi learned the hard way that we don’t always know who has access to our photos and profiles. I was as befuddled as Zuckerberg on Christmas when late Thursday afternoon, someone purporting to be Dick Armey sent me a private message that seemed to be an odd apology for saying he was “so damn glad” he couldn’t be married to me, on “Hardball” almost four years ago. (We’re not even Facebook “friends!”)Here’s how it began:What I said to you on Chris Mathews’ show was the meanest and very likely the dumbest thing I ever said on TV. I was wrong to have said it and I deserve all the bunk I get for it.But then he complained about the previous day’s “Hardball” segment, in which I attacked his attempted takeover of FreedomWorks, backed by an aide with a gun.Certainly you know that spin about guns at FW was BS. I’m sorry you reduced yourself to expanding on it. Hit me with your best shot not your cheap shot. Dick ArmeyContinue Reading…

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Dick Armey apologizes to me

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