Do memoirs have to be so unhappy?

e57clogo Do memoirs have to be so unhappy?

So your first pick is The Liars’ Club by Mary Karr. Why did you choose that to start with?It’s one of my favourite memoirs. I think she manages to capture the city that she lived in, and its surroundings, beautifully – you can almost smell the oil refineries. I don’t believe she names the city, but it’s in that east Texas, Gulf Coast area where there are a lot of people who work on the rigs. So she captures that, and I felt it was an honest book. I give people a little leeway on memoirs. On regular non-fiction, I have orthodox views (or somewhere between Orthodox and Hasidic probably) – but when it comes to memoirs, I don’t really expect that the sentence that is being quoted from when the person was four years old, you can go to the bank with, but I feel it is their story. And I found hers essentially believable.One of the reviews of Mary Karr’s book claimed it was the book that really kicked off the current vogue in memoirs…Continue Reading…

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Do memoirs have to be so unhappy?

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