Do the dishes, have less sex?

a7f2mf Do the dishes, have less sex?

If you hang out on the Internet long enough all things become true. Just over three years ago, I wrote about a survey purporting to find that the more housework a married man does, the more nookie he “gets.” And now we have a new study reporting that the more housework a man does, the less sex he has — at least that’s how most news outlets are reporting it. Don’t you just love it when science allows you to pick and choose research that aligns with your worldview?

The study — which bears the super-sexy title “Egalitarianism, Housework, and Sexual Frequency in Marriage” — looked at data on more than 4,000 heterosexual married couples in the U.S. If you actually read it — I know, wild concept — you discover that the researchers looked at the division of “traditionally female” versus “traditionally male” household chores (i.e., washing dishes versus auto maintenance) and found that “both husbands and wives in couples with more traditional housework arrangements report higher sexual frequency.” Says co-author Julie Brines, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Washington, “The results show that gender still organizes quite a bit of everyday life in marriage.”

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Do the dishes, have less sex?

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