Donald Trump’s surprise: Salon readers’ theories

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On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” PR intern Donald Trump mentioned that he had a “very very big” announcement about President Barack Obama–one that he believes could change the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.  Of course, Trump is milking the attention for all it’s worth:

My announcement is tomorrow!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2012

Tomorrow I will be tweeting on only one subject!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2012

The last time he hyped a big unveil it was a video for theRNC which never aired. (The event was rained out, but Salon’s Alex Pareene also beat the Donald to the punch):

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Naturally Salon is eagerly anticipating Trump’s “large, bordering on gigantic” announcement about President Obama and readers have joined in on the fun. We asked you to tweet theories to #TrumpSurprise–here are some of the best:

 Obama sold cocaine in college

#TrumpSurprise Obama sold cocaine ??

— Biffo (@LeftofLondon) October 23, 2012

There’s still something to that birther theory, after all

We found another birth certificate for the President at Area 51 with tentacle marks on it. #TrumpSurprise

— Bill Alford (@MyOwnPrvtIdaho) October 23, 2012

He found no evidence that President Obama ever renewed his birth certificate.#trumpsurprise

— Crutnacker (@Crutnacker) October 22, 2012

Trump will release Obama’s college transcripts

Trump talked about Obama college record this summer. #trumpsurprise just blather re. prez getting financial aid as foreign exchange student?

— Robb Hughes (@ARobbWith2Bs) October 23, 2012

#trumpsurprise Barry Soetoro registers for college as a Foreign Exchange Student not as a US Citizen

— Larry House (@larryhouse) October 23, 2012

Source indicates that while at Occidental, Obama publicly “matriculated”#TrumpSurprise

— Popehat (@Popehat) October 23, 2012

That Obama has marital problems

Obama and Monica Lewinsky seen at a Motel 6 in Lima, Ohio!The Donald has the photos!! #TrumpSurprise

— Elizabeth M (@tunelawyer) October 23, 2012

It’s just a PR stunt

@larryhouse Do you honestly think if Trump had solid proof of that he would sit on it? Never. This is just a stupid PR stunt. #TrumpSurprise

— 1 Nanoski of many (@DarthWeiner75) October 23, 2012

Maybe it’s something mundane

#TrumpSurprise Pictures of @barackobama engaging in PDA with a black woman

— Hell On Heels (@Devil_In_Prada) October 22, 2012

Donald Trump to reveal on Wednesday that Barack Obama’s Chicago Public Library card expired in 2003 and has not been renewed. #TrumpSurprise

— Harry Ramble (@HarryRamble) October 23, 2012

#trumpsurprise He’s half black.

— Yusef Dualeh (@yusefdoodie) October 23, 2012

Or maybe it’s not

Obama is the one who doped Lance Armstrong. Every race. #TrumpSurprise

— rustbeltrants (@rustbeltrants) October 23, 2012

#TrumpSurprise – That he’s endorsing Barack Obama for President of the United States.

— BJ Malloy (@BJAMalloy) October 23, 2012

#TrumpSurprise “Obama… *Darth Vader breathing sound F/X* I am your father…” Dun dun DUN!!!

— Lady Spence (@spensierata) October 23, 2012

#TrumpSurprise “Ann Coulter and I are the same person.”

— Mrs. Christ (@JesusWife) October 23, 2012

Tune in tomorrow for the big unveil.

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Donald Trump’s surprise: Salon readers’ theories

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