Don’t you dare delete Josh Barro, Wikipedia!

[embedtweet id="2316601508508610560"]It’s not every day that you discover your “encyclopedic notability” is under attack. For some of us, it would be a triumph to get even that far. But for Josh Barro, an economic commentator who currently can be found most often in the pages of Bloomberg News, it’s just another existentially confusing day in the life. Wikipedia is currently debating whether Barro’s credentials make him worthy of his own page.For background on the age-old war between “deletionists” and “inclusionists” on Wikipedia, I refer you to either the Wikipedia entry, “Deletionism and Inclusionism in Wikipedia,” or Nicholson Baker’s fascinating account of his attempt to fight the deletion of the (not very famous) post-Beat poet Richard Denner. Suffice to say: deletionism is a real thing. We don’t know why exactly Barro’s worthiness has come under attack (a prank, a political vendetta?), but there may be no other reason than that Wikipedia is full of busybodies who believe certain standards must be upheld or barbarism and chaos will triumph in the virtual encyclopedic domain.Continue Reading…

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Don’t you dare delete Josh Barro, Wikipedia!

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