Doodles lead to high schooler’s arrest

This month in our Orwellian nightmares come true, a 16-year-old New Jersey high schooler was arrested after doodling in his notebook what may have been either weapons or a magic hand with flames coming off it, or perhaps something else.Concerned by the boy’s notebook, a Cedar Creek High staff member called the local police, who searched the school and the teen’s home with sniffer dogs. When police found chemicals in the house which, when combined — although they were not combined and are found in many households — could be used in an explosive device as well as a number of electronics, the boy was charged with possession of a weapon, an explosive device, and was placed in Harborfields Detention Center before being released and having charges dropped.The boy’s mother explained that her son, who had no history of violence or threat-making, regularly assembled and dissambled electronics as a hobby. “He takes the parts and he builds things with them,” she told Fox. “Good things.” And as the local police chief affirmed, “There was no indication he was making a bomb, or using a bomb or detonating a bomb,” and the boy didn’t issue any threats.Continue Reading…

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Doodles lead to high schooler’s arrest

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