Dotcom can sue NZ’s intelligence agency, court rules

0b97dotcom spy agency lawsuit Dotcom can sue NZ’s intelligence agency, court rules

The Court of Appeal upheld last year’s ruling of the High Court,which the country’s attorney general was seeking to overturn.The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) was spyingon Dotcom prior to the police raid on his home in 2012. The agencydid so illegally, believing that the German national had noresidency in New Zealand.The blunder led to Prime Minister John Key apologizing toDotcom, saying New Zealand “failed to provide that appropriateprotection for him.” Dotcom wants to include GCSB in a suit heplans against the police alleging wrongful arrest.The ruling also means GCSB will have to disclose to Dotcom’sattorneys detail of information sharing arrangements it had withforeign agencies, particularly US authorities. American lawenforcers seek extradition of Dotcom to the US for trial overalleged internet piracy and wire fraud. The charges carry a maximumsentence of 20 years, if proven. Extradition hearings are scheduledto begin later in March.Dotcom’s defense team questions the legality of evidence seizedin the raid after the warrants for it were declared invalid.Earlier the Appeals Court ruled that the US authorities are notobliged to present their entire corps of evidence against Dotcom tohis attorneys. A summary of the case is sufficient, the judgesdecided.Dotcom’s file storage service Megaupload was taken down inJanuary 2012 by authorities over its use to store pirated movies,music, software and other content. US officials say he and sixassociates caused damages amounting $500 million to copyrightholders and encouraged users to engage in piracy, allegationsDotcom denies.

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Dotcom can sue NZ’s intelligence agency, court rules

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