“Downton Abbey”: Hard times hit the estate

A few nights ago, I dreamt about “Downton Abbey.” Mr. Bates had taken Matthew Crawley hostage and was holding him at knife point in some soigné drawing room, a costume dream remake of “Misery.” Other people’s dreams — particularly the ones that do not contain the existence of you — are, as a rule, dull, so I won’t go on about the drapery patterns or the motive or Bates’s strange expertise with knots. The basic outline makes my point: Over its first two genteel, delectable seasons “Downton Abbey” has sunk its well-manicured hooks in me, lodging so deep that my subconscious now spews out alternate storylines in which the pious Mr. Bates has been made over into a villain (which, not for nothing, would make him a whole lot more interesting).Continue Reading…

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“Downton Abbey”: Hard times hit the estate

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