‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: LIVE UPDATES (PHOTOS)

cb09earth hour putin world ‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: LIVE UPDATES (PHOTOS)

21:30 GMT: The skyline of Rotterdam with the Erasmusbrugbefore and during the Earth Hour.21:30 GMT: Paris’s Eiffel Tower also switches off itslights.22:30 GMT: Athens join the Earth Hours with its iconicancient Temple of Parthenon atop the Acropolis plunging intodarkness.19:01 GMT: Palestine has joined the Earth Hour, withswitch offs taking place in Gaza City and the cities of Nablus,Bethlehem and Ramallah.  “We want to show that world that if Palestine, one of themost vulnerable communities in the world, can take action againstclimate change then it’s an indication that we can actually worktogether to save the planet,” Sara Suwwan, organizer of EarthHour in Nablus City, is cited by the action’s officialwebsite. 18:08 GMT: Egypt seems to be in a rush to join the globalaction, going dark ahead of schedule… due to power supplyproblems.I can’t believe the power is out right before earth hourhahahaha. Only in #Egypt— Ahmed El Demery (@Demery_) 23 марта2013 г.17:46 GMT: Madagascar, Uganda, Kenya, Kuwait, Bahrain,Qatar, Jordan and Belarus have turned off the lights as part of theEarth Hour.  16:15 GMT: Kremlin turns lights off for the first timethis year as Russia contributes to the Earth Hour.President Vladimir Putin will take part in the event, turningoff the lights at 8.30pm – the time the event is scheduled tocommence all across the globe.The lights will remain, though, on the Kremlin clock and theRussian flag and glowing red stars atop its towers, a spokesman forthe presidential administration, Viktor Khrekov, told RIANovosti.Ninety more architectural landmarks of Moscow, including thefamous Moscow State University building, are set to turn off theirlights for an hour.Russian astronaut Roman Romanenko, currently part of the team atthe International Space Station, appealed for broad support of theevent in a video statement posted on YouTube.”From here in space we can see very well how much our planetneeds protection,” he said.16:00 GMT: Armenia has switched lights off as the countryjoins the Earth Hour for the fifth time.15:20 GMT: The UN will take part in Earth Hour by turningoff the lights at its offices around the world today, March23.14:49 GMT: Nepal has switched off lights as Earth Hourcomes to the country. Lights have also been turned off all over SriLanka.14:30 GMT: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstanhave joined Earth Hour. In total 150 countries are expected to jointhe event as it moves around the planet.14:00 GMT: Singapore’s skyline plunges into darkness forEarth Hour. In total, more than 100 buildings around the citycenter took part in the event.13:40 GMT: Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam have joinedEarth Hour following Indonesia.13:30 GMT: Jakarta’s City Hall, street lamps, fountainslightening and billboards have turned lights off as Indonesiajoined energy-saving Earth Hour.12:47 GMT: China’s Taipei 101, the first building in theworld to break the half-kilometer mark in height, turned completelydark as the Earth Hour started across the country.12:34 GMT: The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, aMalaysian landmark, have gone dark for an hour.12:30 GMT: The Philippines have joined EarthHour.It’s #EarthHour inPhilippines! :)— James Benoza (@jamesbenoza) 23марта 2013 г.11:00 GMT: In Seoul, South Korea, Namsan tower, a 63story building, and other major buildings went dark after thecountry joined Earth Hour.@earthhourSeoul,South Korea, Namsan tower’s before and after. twitter.com/asdde96/status…— 시몬스 (@asdde96) 23 марта2013 г.10:00 GMT: Sydney’s skyline plunged into darkness as thecity shut down its lights for the Earth Hour campaign againstclimate change, starting a planet-wide event.09:00 GMT:  RT gives you live updates as countriesaround the globe one by one are to join the Earth Hourcampaign.Earth Hour is an annual international event aimed at attractingattention to the problem of waste of resources and global climatechange. Launched in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, it soon caught onand is now conducted by the WWF in 150 countries.Critics say that it could lead to an increase in carbonemissions and place great strain on electricity grids. What’s more,many experts say that the move essentially comparesenvironmentalism with “living in the dark” and has little to dowith helping the planet become ‘greener’.

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‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: LIVE UPDATES (PHOTOS)

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