‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: Live Updates

a7f7earth hour putin world ‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: Live Updates

12:34 GMT: The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, aMalaysian landmark, have gone dark for an hour.12:30 GMT: The Philippines have joined EarthHour.11:00 GMT: In Seoul, South Korea, Namsan tower, a 63story building, and other major buildings went dark after thecountry joined Earth Hour.10:00 GMT: Sydney’s skyline plunged into darkness as thecity shut down its lights for the Earth Hour campaign againstclimate change, starting a planet-wide event.09:00 GMT:  RT gives you live updates as countriesaround the globe one by one are to join the Earth Hour campaign.President Vladimir Putin will take part in the event, turning offthe lights at 8.30pm – the time the event is scheduled to commenceall across the globe.The lights will remain, though, on the Kremlin clock and theRussian flag and glowing red stars atop its towers, a spokesman forthe presidential administration, Viktor Khrekov, told RIANovosti.Ninety more architectural landmarks of Moscow, including thefamous Moscow State University building, are set to turn off theirlights for an hour.Russian astronaut Roman Romanenko, currently part of the team atthe International Space Station, appealed for broad support of theevent in a video statement posted on YouTube.”From here in space we can see very well how much our planetneeds protection,” he said.Earth Hour is an annual international event aimed at attractingattention to the problem of waste of resources and global climatechange. Launched in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, it soon caught onand is now conducted by the WWF in 150 countries.Critics say that it could lead to an increase in carbonemissions and place great strain on electricity grids. What’s more,many experts say that the move essentially comparesenvironmentalism with “living in the dark” and has little to dowith helping the planet become ‘greener’.


‘Earth Hour’ across the globe: Live Updates

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