Egypt’s "Rebel" campaign petitions for support

87fcmf Egypts "Rebel" campaign petitions for support

87fcmf Egypts "Rebel" campaign petitions for support



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A new Egyptian movement is gathering support over its call to oust President Mohammed Morsi.

“Rebel” was set-up a month ago by young activists who had campaigned on Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Now the group is aiming to collect some 15-million signatures to force a no-confidence vote and trigger fresh elections.

Last week, organisers said they had some three million signatures already and they hope a new website will quickly swell the number of supporters.

“Egyptians are very disappointed,” Rebel’s Mahmoud Bader told euronews. “The president hasn’t delivered any of his promises nor the goals of the revolution. There’s been violence and this has been a big challenge for us, how to revive the peaceful revolution in every street and every neighbourhood, in the same way as it started,” he added.

Their burgeoning success has not gone unnoticed.
Our correspondent in Cairo, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim says a number of grassroots opposition groups have rallied in support of Rebel, in recognition of the power of the youth movement.

“In a peaceful way, far from the violence of the past, Rebel is looking to topple the regime it accuses of failing to manage the country’s affair. The movement may restore some of the spirit of the revolution, which they believe has been lost,” he said.

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Egypt’s "Rebel" campaign petitions for support

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