Five things you may not know about Roe

1. Roe didn’t start out as being about women’s equality, and many wish it had gone differently. If you actually read Roe v. Wade, you’ll see that it’s not exactly a feminist manifesto. Supreme Court Justice  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has expressed ambivalence about Roe, has also said she wished a different case, one of her own had established abortion rights in America. Capt. Susan Struck was a Catholic who was told by the Air Force in 1970 that she had to either terminate the pregnancy or leave the military. (How times have changed.) Struck wanted to carry to term and said she would give the child up for adoption. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the case — but then a last-minute policy change waived her discharge. Ginsburg thought Struck’s case would have been better for establishing a firmer right to abortion as reproductive autonomy, because “her choice was birth.”  Instead, as Ginsburg put it last year, “If you read the decision [in Roe], it’s as much about the doctor’s right to recommend to his patient what he thinks his patient needs. It’s always about the woman in consultation with her physician and not the woman standing alone in that case.”Continue Reading…

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Five things you may not know about Roe

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