Footballer knocked unconscious in Russian-Ukrainian ‘friendly’ match brawl (VIDEO)

acc3friendly brawling spain marbella Footballer knocked unconscious in Russian Ukrainian ‘friendly’ match brawl (VIDEO)

Footballer knocked unconscious in Russian-Ukrainian ‘friendly’ match brawl (VIDEO)Get short URLLink copied to clipboardemail story to a friendprint versionPublished: 11 February, 2013, 16:02

Players from Ukraine’s Dnipro and Russia’s FC Krasnodar brawling during a friendly game in Marbella, Spain. (Screenshot from youtube video by user NashFootball2)(5.1Mb)embed videoDnipro Dnepropetrovsk player Giuliano nearly lost his life in a brawl during a ‘friendly’ game against Russian side FC Krasnodar in Marbella, Spain.”);
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­The scuffle started after Dnipro and Ukraine international Ruslan Rotan committed two violent tackles on two of the Russian club’s players in the space of just a few seconds. Players from both teams gathered in the center of the pitch arguing and pushing each other. Dnipro’s reserve Giuliano received a heavy kick in the chest and collapsed on the grass.“When it all started, the players from both benches rushed onto the pitch,” Giuliano told “Naturally, I couldn’t remain uninvolved. At one point, I saw that one of the opposing team’s players swung his foot at my friend Matheus. I tried to help him and was hit in the chest. I lost my breath at that moment. I remained standing for 10 or 15 seconds and then lost consciousness. I do not remember anything else.” According to doctors the 22-year-old player swallowed his tongue and he couldn’t breathe. Giuliano added that despite being on the brink of death for over a minute he has no regrets of what has happened to him. “I couldn’t remain on the sidelines. It seemed that there were more Krasnodar players and we needed to protect ourselves somehow,” he explained.   The brawl ended as soon as the Brazilain went down with the Krasnodar players shouting: “Stop fighting! Save your guy!”Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk’s Giuliano (C) in a Europa League encounter against Dutch side, PSV (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

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Footballer knocked unconscious in Russian-Ukrainian ‘friendly’ match brawl (VIDEO)

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